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Why Choose LH Metal for Metal Recycling?
14 May

With the advancement of technology, humans have majorly impacted the environment and natural resources. This has led to the depletion of natural resources and caused problems like air and soil pollution. Metal recycling in Singapore has led a way through this problem. 

To cope with these challenges, humans have come up with several environmentally-friendly solutions like the ban on plastic, saving of water resources, no cutting of trees, but one major thing that causes environmental degradation is the mining of ores from the earth.

Scrap metal recycling is the most efficient measure to take a step towards the environment and it is also a good method to generate income as well. 


How is LH Metal Useful For You?

Highly Experienced

LH Metal has an experience of several years of working in this industry. We provide you with the best services in Singapore. We are skilled and well certified. Along with business, we try to be good global citizens by taking helpful measures towards the environment.

Moreover, we have a team of professionals who handle the process with utmost precautions. We have a wider vision for the future. We believe in sustainable development.

Competitive Pricing

As far as pricing is concerned, we offer you the best possible value for your equipment or the metal. We offer you a good price on all the metals that we buy. We believe in keeping our customers satisfied. Also, we accept all kinds of metals ranging from ferrous to non-ferrous.

Though the price of the metal depends on the demand and the quality of the metal, we still try to provide you with an adequate value for what you offer.

Easy Payment

We have an efficient mode of payment. We can provide you with cash payments as well as online payments. We have quick modes, we can also issue bank cheques according to your convenience. 


Collection Services

Due to large quantities or heavy quantities of metal, it is not feasible for you to bring the scrap to us. To get you rid of this problem, we have situated different scrap collecting dustbins at various places. You can easily dispose of that scrap in those dustbins rather than piling them in your backyard.

If you keep the wasted metal in your backyard, it can release harmful gases and chemicals that might prove fatal for you and the environment as well. We also provide truck facilities, so you don’t struggle much with pick and drop service. So our metal waste collection service is best in the industry and we are just a call away. 

Weighbridge On-Site

Our weighbridge is always located on the site to ensure a safe load. The metals can easily add up weight. To ensure if the metal is legal and can be transported easily, we have this measure. 

Customer Service

We set our customers on priority. You can freely visit our site and see how we work. Metal scrapping will not be stressful if you join hands with us. It will be a safe and helpful business for you. 

You can quickly turn your pieces of scrap into cash. It is the easiest way to generate income. We are the most established team in Singapore. You can freely contact us at any time.

How To Get Scrap Ready For Sale?

If you wish to get a good price for your scrap, you must know your metal first. Get it cleaned first, and shed off the extra weight carrying dirt. Cut off the non-metallic elements from your scraps like plastic and rubber. 

Spray a degreaser on your metal if you notice any kind of oil or grease over it. Use a pressure washer to remove the impurities and beware while using it. Wear goggles and gloves while you do it. Allow the water to drain and let the scrap air dry. 

If you make the scrap look good as much as possible, the chances of getting a higher price are always more. We act as a medium to link the sellers and the buyers with the metal industry. LH metal has the best equipment and machinery and serves you with the best deals.


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