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LH METAL RECYCLING PTE LTD incorporated on 29th July 2004 is one of the best dealers in the metal scrap industry. Our company’s primary activities are collecting, trading, and recycling all grades of ferrous and non-ferrous metal scraps, industrial scraps, and electronic wastes.

Our customer base includes schools, residential and commercial buildings, warehouses, factories, construction sites, shipyards, and more. We resell our scrap metal mostly in Singapore, as well as Overseas.

While we connect sellers and buyers within the metal scrap industry, we also help established scrap recyclers in Singapore by encouraging foreigners to get metal scraps from them.

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Metal Scrap Trading

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LH Metal – Metal Scrap Dealer In Singapore

LH METAL RECYCLING PTE LTD as a leading scrap metal industry in Singapore, has a wide customer base, from commercial establishments to construction sites, shipyards, factories, warehouses, petrochemical process plants, residential buildings, and schools.  We make collective efforts to connect buyers and sellers within the scrap metal industry, with the motto “collection, trading, and recycling”. Our main focus is on delivering excellence and 100% customer satisfaction.

Our motto is to provide our customers with unmatchable and unforgettable services by using our knowledge and experience. When it comes to what kind of waste we collect, we buy both commercial and general metal waste. Our fleet of trucks will help you get rid of your unwanted scraps, damaged cars, and lots more. We collect all kinds of metal scrap for a good amount of money. All you need to do is call us and we will reach your desired destination in no time. 

We Buy, Sell, and Recycle Metal Scrap In Singapore

As one of the leading metal scrap recycling companies in Singapore, we take care of everything, from collection to trading and recycling. With us as your entrusted scrap metal dealer, you will get the best value for your scrapped metal.

We specialize in salvaging and recycling scrap metals. Transforming these metal scraps into valuable raw materials is something we are good at. With our quality of services, you will get whatever you are looking for. As a part of valuable nature, we also recycle the metal and turn it into something good. We have substantial knowledge and experience in metal waste management solutions.

Our team is fully trained and they are fully aware of the potential risks. So, while collecting metal waste, our team uses protective gears like gloves. We are committed to our services, so we offer our customers quick and efficient loading processing and delivery of the metal.

How Do We Give Best Deals?

Our computerized scale management system and constant testing ensure that all the materials are graded and priced. Not only this, we monitor local as well as the international market regularly so that we can offer a fair and best deal to our customers. As the best scrap metal buyers, we buy all forms of scraps in Singapore.

As scrap metal recycling specialists, we are committed to environmental sustainability and focus on reducing waste through recycling and separation processes. We pride ourselves on collecting and recycling different types of metal scrap, including brass, metal plates, aluminum, copper, cables, stainless steel, iron, lead, motors, pumps, old equipment & machinery, used forklifts, and much more. Our focus is to reduce the amount of scrap ending up in landfills, which would eventually affect the environment.

Our Scrap Dealing Services In Singapore

Collection: The best part about our scrap metal collection services is that there is no limit on the quantity of scrap metal for us to collect. To collect the metal scraps from your industrial or commercial premises, collection bins will be placed.

Trading: We have well-equipped tools for trading to handle ferrous and non-ferrous scrap.

Ferrous metal scrap is destined for a local steel mill, where it is recycled so it can be reused. It is also exported to other regions. Ferrous metals mainly consist of iron, thus have magnetic properties. Steel, an iron alloy contains carbon and is the most recycled material. We collect and sort all types of ferrous metal scrap, including cast iron, plate and structure, reinforcement bar, and steel section. The process includes collecting, separating, cleaning, cutting, and selling recycled metal.  Ferrous metals are used extensively in several industries that include appliances, construction, automobiles, and packaging.

Non-ferrous scrap is sorted and exported to overseas destinations for recycling purposes. Recycling of non-ferrous metal involves sorting and dismantling, baling, shredding, further separation, and melting. As metal scrap trading experts, we deal with everything about scrap metal, acquiring it from industrial and commercial units, renovation, construction, and demolition sites. You can reach us for any scrap metal collection from your warehouses, factories, industrial units, and petrochemical process plants.

Recycle: We have earned a reputation for scrap metal recycling services in Singapore, and are happy to serve your needs for the recycling of scrap metal.  Metal Recycling is an appropriate solution to take care of metal scraps. The quality and quantity of metal remain the same even after reusing it for a longer period. Recycling of metal includes using scrap or waste metal as raw material and transforming it into usable products. We are licensed to collect, process, transport, trade, recycle ferrous, and non-ferrous metal scraps.

Scrap Metal Demolition And Recycle

We provide comprehensive scrap metal demolition services for your project in Singapore. Our team is focused on delivering efficient and valuable service to our clients, irrespective of the size of the job. We are prepared to dismantle different types of appliances and equipment, large industrial structures, water tanks, railroads, removal of installations, and reinstatement works.

Scrap metal demolition is a part of asset recovery, the science of retrieving as much as possible from a building before knocking it down. The destroyed metal scrap is carefully loaded from the job site and transported to recycling sites. Our idea is to process the metal scrap and to stay determined to preserve Mother Nature. The retrieved materials can be recycled or sold by clients. We work to reduce the cost of your metal scrap demolition job and to maximize scrap metal value for you.

Since 2004, We have earned a reputation for being one of the most reliable metal scrap demolition service providers in Singapore.

Why Should You Opt To Recycle Scrap Metal?

You can make a positive change by using the best waste disposal methods. Metals are valuable as they can be recycled time and again without losing their quality. Recycling metal scraps has many financial and environmental benefits.

Saving Natural Resources: We have limited access to the metal and due to mining, the resources are being reduced. Recycling metals can slow this process down. Metal recycling uses a lot less energy than mining and processing new materials so it will allow us to conserve the resources that are required to produce that energy.

Environment Friendly: Metal recycling uses less amount of energy than making metal from virgin ore. The more energy we use, greenhouse gas emissions also increase. Less energy is used to recycle metal which means fewer carbon emissions. Hence, It is more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Most of the metals can be recycled for an indefinite time without losing their quality. Therefore, It is not only environmentally friendly but financially beneficial as well.

Economic Benefits: According to the National Institute of Health, Recycling metal scrap creates more jobs than dumping the metal to a landfill or sending it to the incinerator.

We are happy to procure, sort, and segregate scrap metal from your site. Connect with us at (65) 9106 7577.

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