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About Us
LH Metal Recycling Pte Ltd is incorporated in Singapore on 29th July 2004. Our company primary activities are collection, trading, and recycling of all grades of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, industrial scraps and electronic wastes.

Our customer base ranges from homes, schools, commercial buildings, factories, warehouses, construction sites to shipyards and more. We resell our metal scrap largely to the local scrap market. We also resell industrial machinery and equipment that are in usable condition locally as well as to parts of Malaysia, Indonesia and India.

While we connect buyers and sellers within our local metal scrap industry, we also focus on facilitating foreign buyers to purchase metal scraps from established scrap recyclers in Singapore.


Core Business :     Collection    Trading    Recycling   

 »»  Collection  »»
Our company provide regular collection services for our customers. Collection bins can be placed at our customers’ premises. To create greater convenience, no minimum quantity of scrap is required for us to provide collection service from our customers' location.


 »»  Trading  »»
Our company buy and sell our metal scrap within the local market and to parts of other countries. Besides metal scrap, we trade used industrial materials, machinery and equipment.

Frequently, high value industrial machinery and equipment are sent to the scrap yard when it loses its function in the first or second users’ operation. We resell such industrial items to other interested parties who can continue its useful life.

For overseas buyers, to ensure the industrial machinery and equipment reaches our customers in good condition, local professionals are engaged to pack them in proper crates before exporting.

 »»  Recycle  »»
After collection, we categorize our metal scrap into various grades. Thereafter, the scrap is sent to scrap processors to be processed, before eventually being sent to the scrap consumers to be melted. These scrap ferrous and non-ferrous metals can be processed and melted repeatedly. Processing and remelting scrap metals allow an almost unlimited number of new items to be manufactured for use by the industry.

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