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Non-Ferrous Metal Scrap Buyers In Singapore

We have more than a decade-long experience as the leading ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal buyers in Singapore. If you are wondering how to get rid of the scrap metal cluttered in your construction site, demolition project, or manufacturing plant, we can help. We are experienced in recycling metal scrap waste and giving it a new lease of life. Considering the rising burden on the environment for mining of metal and our scarce resources, recycling provides a new light of hope.

Instead of just throwing away the scrap, connect with our team of metal scrap collection for complete scrap management in Singapore. We’ll help you turn copper into cash in no time, and our friendly staff will ensure that you get the best price for your metal scrap.

At LH METAL, the scrap metal is collected from your site and is transported to the recycling site. Our team will sort out ferrous and non-ferrous scrap, leverage our partnership with steel mills and scrap metal buyers to get you a great price in Singapore. 

We specialize in buying non-ferrous metal scraps such as stainless steel, tin, lead, nickel, aluminium, copper/copper cables, brass, bronze, and Zinc in Singapore. All forms of non-ferrous scrap including radiators, batteries, motors, air-conditioners, and cables are bought by us.

Call us at (65) 9106 7577 or connect with us to know the price you can get for your non-ferrous metal scrap.

Non-Ferrous Metals

Non-ferrous metals are non-magnetic and do not contain iron. Mostly used in materials like copper cable, insulated wiring, aluminium road signs, and copper water pipes. You can trust us for recycling of non-ferrous metal scrap in Singapore.

We understand that non-ferrous metals are not easy to find. As the premier scrap metal recycling company, we focus on recycling scrap to reduce the environmental burden and reuse the scarce metal. 

We deal with every kind of non-ferrous metals from stainless steel to copper cables. Here, we purchase all your scrap metal products and recycle them in an eco-friendly way. These metals are not iron-based, and it delivers high strength and corrosion resistance. Giving you the best price in the market is a part of our services that we offer. We have a proven track record of good quality of the product, great customer services, and reliability.

Recycle with us and feel good being a part of making the world a better place to live in. Call us on  (65) 9106 7577

Copper – These are the most common non-ferrous metals that are easily available in the household. Do you want to get rid of copper as soon as possible? We have all the facilities that will help you to get rid of copper, copper wires, Miliberry, Birch Cliff, Tin Coated, etc. as soon  as possible at best prices. 

Tyre Rims – The tyre rims are the outer edge of the wheel that help to hold the tyres in a better way. Giving our customers the best experience is our motto. This is the only reason we strive to put excellence in every service that we offer. In order to win the trust of our customers, we look for different methods to make the recycling process easier and rewarding. 

Stainless Steel – With the best price, reliable services, you can sell your stainless steel scrap metal to us. You can get rest assured that the weighing and grading of metal scrap will be accurate. We are always ready to meet your recycling needs and requirements.

Electrical Cables – Bring your unwanted or used electrical cables to LH Metal where you can get the best price in the market. We also offer you same-day services, you will get your job done hassle free. All you need to do is sit back and relax through your hand while we take care of the hard work. 

Lead – Lead is one of the most commonly recycled items today, and half of the lead is used throughout the world each year to be recycled. For thousands of years, Lead has been used for industrial purposes. Interested in selling lead? We will buy it from you at the best prices than other buyers. 

According to the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR), recycled copper material meets about 40% of the global demand for copper, the same way about 30% of global zinc is produced using recycled zinc. 

With limited resources and increased demand, reusing non-ferrous scrap can be our only savior. We cater to the scrap metal selling and buying needs of:

  • Individuals
  • Construction companies
  • Steel mills
  • Demolition businesses
  • Shipbuilding
  • Petrochemical Process Plants

Recycling metal waste saves a lot of energy as the energy used for recycling is much less than mining new metals. For example, recycling aluminium scrap requires only 5% of the energy used to produce virgin aluminium, and recycling copper requires only 10-15% of energy needed to mine for new copper ore. 

However, recycling non-ferrous metals is a challenging job, as they are found in liquid or solid mixtures from which they have extracted and purified before using further. Equipped with the best tools and equipment, our efforts are directed toward environmental sustainability and maximizing scrap revenue for clients.

If you have non-ferrous metal scrap and would like to get a fair price. Feel free to give us a call at (65) 9106 7577.

Security – A Top Priority

The scrap metal recycling company is also associated with health hazards. But if proper care and safety steps are taken, the risk will be really low.

LH METAL, recycling of metal scrap is a specialty, but we follow every standard security procedure to ensure the safety of our staff at work. We have a high level of understanding of proper documentation submission and safety standards required within petrochemical process plants.

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