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Scrap Metal Demolition Services In Singapore

LH Metal is the leading scrap metal demolition company in Singapore. We provide comprehensive demolition services for your project. Our aim is to deliver valuable services to clients, irrespective of the size of the job.  

We pride ourselves in providing services from extracting commercial buildings from tight downtown locations to deconstruct facilities with hazardous material.

Scrap material can accumulate quickly on construction and demolition job sites. Selling these materials helps you recover the costs and reduce waste because most of them are recyclable and valuable. These metals include steel, iron, copper, and aluminium.

Demolition And Safety Go Hand In Hand

When it comes to demolition services in Singapore, care and caution are the buzzwords for our professionals. We pay attention to details and ensuring our project completes in compliance with safety and environmental standards. We make sure that demolition projects go smooth and safe, keeping in mind the safety of everyone, including our men at work.

Investing in the best demolition equipment is our priority so that we can control every aspect of the demolition process. While making the safety plans, we also plan for the unexpected. We strive to make sure every job has the least amount of environmental impact as possible.

We focus on reducing the cost of your demolition job and maximizing the metal scrap value for you. Licensed, experienced, and trusted, we stay prepared to dismantle various types of equipment and appliances. It includes large industrial structures, water tanks, railroads, and many more.

Our scrap metal demolition service also includes wrecked ships. We purchase them along with their spare parts, including winches and ship propellers from ship owners.

Do you need the metal structure removed? Avail of our services by calling at (65) 9106 7577 or contact us

Demolition And Reinstatement 

We are efficient in providing scrap metal demolition services to outdated equipment or machinery. At LH Metal, we have access to the cutting edge machinery and tools to dismantle your installation. We remove them from your site carefully and take all the preventive measures.

You can reach us for scrap metal demolition, dismantling, and destruction services. The next step is to sort and prepare them for the scrapping and recycling process. We do it all. Our team is more than happy to offer metal scrap demolition service that includes removal of installations and reinstatement work.

We have experience in the removal of installations, existing production lines, and unapproved structures. Our job does not end here, and we go a step further by cleaning up the mess before handing over the site to the owner.

Demolition And Recycling at LH Metal 

Demolition is associated with destruction. However, we as leading scrap metal dealers in Singapore are specialized in it. Our team goes a step further and recycles the waste extracted from the demolished sites.

The demolished metal scrap is carefully loaded into our trucks and transported to recycling sites. We are proud of our recycling efforts to keep the environment clean. The main idea is to process the tons of metal scrap and preserve nature. 

Full-Suite Scrap Metal Solutions 

We provide full-suite demolition solutions with an eye on detail and safety. From the removal of steel structures, plants, installations, and production lines to reinstating, we offer all services, so you do not have to go elsewhere.  

Proper Documentation 

We understand the requirements of safety and proper documentation submission in petrochemical processing plants, and it gives us an edge over the competitors. Our understanding of safety standards has helped us become the leading demolition service providers of petrochemical plants in Jurong Island.

We are ready to be your go-to demolition service provider in Singapore. Call now (65) 9106 7577 to avail of our services.

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