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Scrap Metal Collection Services in Singapore

At LH METAL RECYCLING PTE LTD, we specialize in everything from collection to recycling of scrap metal. Metal scrap collection is a specialized job. Whether you are looking for experts who can handle the collection or recycling of metal scrap in Singapore, we can easily fit in. Our fleet of trucks will reach your site to collect the scrap metal. 

We are constantly working to make our earth a better place to live in. With our quality and innovative method, we recycle the metal scrap and sell the products made from waste. We have years of experience which is why we are capable of maintaining a large database of our customers.

Fast, excellent, cost-effective services are our trademark. Our trucks are all set to collect large quantities of waste wherever you want to. If you have a small quantity of waste, then we also offer you bins without any extra cash. It doesn’t really matter whether you have a small or large quantity of waste, we cover everything.

Our services are not limited to commercial only, we also serve the residential premises. If you have a construction site that needs to be cleaned up, you can just call us and we will reach there. We also offer same-day services and give you the best price for your metals.

The recycling bins are usually placed by the side of footpaths or linkways and are located in open areas throughout our public waste collection sectors. So, take a walk around the block or you can ask around for the big blue bin – we bet it’s nearby.

To receive our latest metal scrap prices contact us or call us at (65) 9106 7577 today!

You will never complain about the services as we believe in providing you with the utmost satisfaction. The only thing that we make sure of is to deliver our clients the best ever services so that they come back to us again and again.  

Sorting and Processing 

As the leading scrap metal collectors in Singapore, we collect scrap metal and sort the items to determine the recyclable parts. Sorted items are then reprocessed and repurposed into new products which make the old products ready to be used again. 

We collect waste metal pieces from automobiles, appliances, and demolished material. The scrap is then sorted, sheared, shredded, and melted for recycling purposes. 

Electronic Waste

Old laptops, computers, or any networking equipment contains toxic material in addition to extractable metals that are profitable. So next time, before throwing your old computer away in a trashcan, remember that a scrapper would pay you for all that waste. 


Vehicles that are standing and corroding in one of your backyards results in automobile waste. Why not sell it to metal collectors for some cash. These automobiles are junk to you but have enough ferrous and nonferrous metals, and can get you a good amount for your old vehicles from recycling service providers. 

Home Appliances

Do you have an old refrigerator, air conditioner, toaster, fan, stove, or any other appliance lying in your basement for years and giving you nothing? Well, metal recycling service providers will buy that waste from you. These products contain lots of harmful toxins so don’t try to extract metals yourself and leave this job to professionals.

Materials That We Collect 

Our metal scrap collectors in Singapore will take in all forms of ferrous, non-ferrous metal scrap. This includes not only household scrap metal waste but industrial metal scrap as well. 

Different types of metal scrap include: 

  • Copper 
  • Aluminium 
  • Zinc
  • Nickel 
  • Brass
  • Stainless Steel 
  • Cast Iron 
  • Industrial Scrap

For our team of metal waste collectors in Singapore, no job is too big or small. You can connect with us to provide you with small bins, big roro bins, steel oil drums, and jumbo bags to collect industrial metal waste.

Have a metal scrap that needs to be picked? Call us now at (65) 9106 7577 for quick service. 

Safety Measures 

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, injuries related to the scrap metal recycling industry included lead or cadmium poisoning and respiratory issues caused by inhaling toxic agents. These injuries include strains and sprains, heat burns, cuts, punctures, etc. 

Our team of professionals take all the necessary precautions and carry all the protective gears while collecting metal waste. Our team is aware of the risks associated with chemicals inside the scrap which makes us reliable for this job.

Your One-Stop Shop For Metal Scrap 

We are committed to making the environment sustainable and stay dedicated to customer satisfaction. This is one of the reasons that keep us on toes and helps us drive toward our goal of cleaning metal scrap from various sites. We love our job as one of the top metal recycling companies in Singapore, and our passion remains unchanged since our inception in 2004. 

Our skilled team of metal scrap collectors is our pride. We are happy to deliver our 100% when it comes to scrap metal collection and recycling services paying attention to details, irrespective of the size of the job. 

We are one-stop shop for all of your needs in the collection of metal waste. Licensed and experienced, we are your go-to metal scrap trading company in Singapore that delivers as promised.

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