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Industrial Machinery And Equipment Buyers

LH METAL is one of the top industrial machinery and equipment scrap buyers in Singapore. We work with individuals in addition to commercial and industrial corporations to remove the metal scraps from their sites. Repair shops, suppliers of machine tools, and construction firms trust us to pick up large pieces of machinery and tools. 

Well known for our safety practices and removing large industrial machinery safely from any site, LH Metal has been serving since 2004 in Singapore. Let us take unnecessary industrial equipment away, whether you are a property manager, commercial realtor, liquidator, or auction house.

In big industrial facilities, factories, warehouses, construction sites, and shipyards, used industrial machinery and equipment are created.  We find buyers of scrap industrial machinery buyers in Singapore to resell in the local market and traders from overseas. These heavy machineries and equipment in working condition are being exported to India, Malaysia, Indonesia, and beyond.

We continue to focus on keeping the environment clean and green, our efforts to recycle are steps in that direction. We bring purchasers and retailers together in the local metal scrap industry. Also, we are working to assist overseas investors to purchase waste metal from our recycling facility in Singapore. 

Looking to purchase or sell industrial equipment and machinery? Reach us at (65) 9106 7577 for further discussion.

Industrial Machines And Equipment That We Purchase

Our Growing Industrial Customer Base

We serve warehouses and distribution centers that want old metal parts and fixtures to be disposed of. As specialists in this niche, we remove undesirable recyclable materials securely and collect the same for recycling purposes.

Metal manufacturers connect with us to collect parts with production defects. We also cater to their scrap collection needs to pick up discarded metals storage or crates. 

Top Scrap Recyclers in Singapore

Singapore is an industrial and manufacturing hub, generates a large quantity of waste metal. As scrap metal buyers in Singapore, we create customized solutions for recycling to meet the needs of your industry. 

You do not have to dispose of it in the landfills, we are going to help you generate revenue from this metal waste. 

High Tech Industries

We take your metal waste for recycling. This includes palladium, platinum, gold, rhodium, and silver.


A lot of metal waste is created during the production of manufactured goods. There is an excessive amount of unused material during the process according to the requirements of manufacturers. It includes stainless steel, copper, iron, brass, punched sheets, clippings, defective parts, and wire trimmings to old machinery. Let us assist you in recovering value from your scrap.

Public Utility Companies 

Wire and cable scrap is part of the metal waste generated by public utility companies. We can remove it from your site and provide you with the best value for scrap.

Construction and Shipbuilding Industry

Irrespective of your industry, we can create a customized program to collect metal waste for you. If you seek expert scrap metal buyers in Singapore, let us offer you the best industrial metal recycling solution. 

We also purchase scrap from the shipbreaking industry. Commercial ships that don’t operate during the demolition process when dismantled, parts are resold or used again and raw materials such as steel are recycled. We trade in scrap ship propellers and also export them overseas. 

Ship propeller scrap made out of ship breaking is sold to different manufacturers and to the foundries.

Connect with us to sell propellers in Singapore. Call us at  (65) 9106 7577 for further inquiries.

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