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Scrap Metal Recycling Process & Benefits
03 Sep

Metals are the most easily recycled materials on earth. These are highly efficient in reducing carbon-foot printing and preserving natural resources. Many buildings, structures, bridges, equipment, appliances use metal nowadays. Lh Metal is one of the best dealers in the metal scrap industry, that has a broad customer base in Singapore.

As you know, there are various stages involved in the scrap recycling process. Here you can learn more about metal recycling and what happens to the metal after being recycled.


Scrap Metal Recycling Process

The process of scrap metal recycling is as follow:


For the collection of scrap metal in Singapore, we provide free pick-up services. We have our trucks to pick up heavy scrap. Also, we have placed dustbins at several intervals for the collection.


Scrap Metal Recycling Process


After assembling the scrap, the next important step is to sort the metal waste. Mainly there are two types of metals, ferrous and non-ferrous. Ferrous are the ones that stick to a magnet, and non-ferrous are the ones that do not adhere to a magnet.


Ferrous metals consist of iron, while non-ferrous metals are like brass, aluminum, copper. Usually, you are offered more amount for non-ferrous metals than ferrous metals as they are more expensive and rare in nature, but the prices depend on the market value.



The necessary process after sorting is shearing. After distinguishing the metal into ferrous and non-ferrous, the next step is to crush the metal into small particles. We take the help of powerful shearing machines for this task.


We use good quality pieces of equipment and machinery for the process of recycling. Our vast industrial shearers can chew scrap up to many tons per hour.



Further, the small pieces of scrap are molded in blocks or standardize bale for transportation purposes. The small scrap pieces are fed into an industrial baler for compressing. Therefore, transportation becomes more manageable and comfortable. At LH Metals, we accept all kinds of scrap and give you the best value for your product.



We can recycle metal multiple times without losing its actual properties. The best thing about metals is you can melt them to create new products, and it does not compromise with the quality.


We have a specialized team of members to handle the work. They have years of experience in this industry. They are highly professional and perform the job with precautions and a safety kit.


Benefits Of Recycling Scrap Metal

Recycling scrap has become a popular business due to its numerous benefits. It has a positive impact on the environment, brings a lot of profit to the people in the market, and is one of the quickest ways to enhance your income and grow your business.


Dumping metals not in use is also taken care of along with the recycling of metal. As you know, if dump the metal waste in the landfill, they pollute groundwater and earth.


Recycling has also reduced the unnecessary digging and mining of ores from the earth’s crust, saving many energy and natural resources.


Best Scrap Dealer In Singapore

Our main objective is to support sustainable development. Above all, we focus on the environment, not only on the business. So, if you are seeking a metal waste buyer in Singapore who provides you with the best value for your scrap, LH Metal is the right fit. You can freely contact us anytime.


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