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Why Choose LH Metals For Scrap Metal Recycling?
12 Mar

Metal products play an important role in our lives. Our daily equipment, vehicles, furniture, smartphones, and many other things around us are made up of metal. Along with so many uses of metal products, they can prove to be harmful after they lose their efficiency. So scrap metal recycling has become the need of today’s life.


Nowadays, recycling scrap metal has become very common. There are multiple scrap metal dealing companies that can help you in fetching a lucrative income within a short span of time. LH metal is a leading scrap metal company in Singapore and has been successfully delivering 100 percent customer satisfaction since 2004.


Our company mainly aims at collecting, trading, and recycling scrap in Singapore. We have a vast network of trading partners overseas also. We connect sellers and buyers to the metal industry. We collect ferrous, non-ferrous, and industrial machinery that you want to get rid of. 


Major Reasons To Recycle Scrap Metal


Ongoing Demand Of Metal 


With the advancement in technology, various gadgets are made that require excessive use of metals. With such a pace, it’s not feasible to extract more and more metals from the earth, so recycling scrap is the best medium to meet the huge demands.


Cheaper With Original Quality


Metal does not lose its properties even after being discarded and can be recycled multiple times. Businessmen find it helpful as they get the same quality at a cheaper price and higher profits.


Environment Friendly


Due to rigorous mining and landfills, a lot of destruction is caused to nature. Recycling helps to lessen new minings and saving of natural resources. Carbon footprinting also decreases with the recycling of scrap metal


How Does LH Metal Provide You With The Best Value To Your Metal


Knowledge About Scrap Metal


Before you start with any business, you must have adequate knowledge about the industry. LH metal, share our best knowledge with our clients. We have vast experience in the recycling industry and are ready to share our knowledge with you. We are all here to answer your questions and give you the best possible answers.


Pricing Mechanism 


Getting the best possible price for your scrap metal is very important. Our professional team follows all pricing trends and gives you the best possible price in the market. We attribute the non-ferrous metal is that they are scanty in nature. 


Prior Knowledge Of The Industry


As we are in this business for a very long time, there are no chances of any falsity, and collaborating with us will surely prove beneficial for you. We accept all types of scrap and offer you the best value for each metal. 


Know Your Metal 


Do not misuse your scrap by dumping it or taking it to the scrapyard without even calculating its original value. You never know if that broken machinery can fetch your dollars. We keep a track of local and international markets at regular intervals, so we could provide you satisfactory value.  Moreover, if you dump the scrap, it will cause huge damage to the natural environment.


Services We Offer At LH Metals




The first step is to collect scrap from various places. We collect all types of scraps and there is no limit for quantity. We place specific dustbins to collect the scrap from commercial and industrial premises. 




The next step involves various segments. We have various tools for handling ferrous and non-ferrous scrap. Ferrous metals undergo several stages like, collecting, separating, cleaning, cutting, and recycling. Ferrous products are used in industries related to appliances, construction, automobiles, and packaging.


Non – ferrous metals undergo stages like sorting, baling, shredding, separation, and melting. We are licensed for the trade of metals, and we run our business with full authentication. 




The final step is to recycle all the materials and sell them further to the buyers. The quality and quantity, both are taken care of even after the remake. We connect the sellers to the buyers. We also perform our business in other countries. 


Do you want to sell your scrap metals? Contact LH Metal where you can get the best possible for your scrap metal. 


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