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LH Metal-The Best Recycling Company In Singapore
02 Jun

If you wish to try your luck in scrap metal recycling or you are searching for the best recycling company in Singapore, LH metal is the right place for you. Scrap metal recycling is gaining immense popularity these days. This is not only financially helpful but also environmentally friendly.

Our company specializes in collecting, trading, grading, and recycling all kinds of ferrous, non-ferrous, electronic, and industrial scraps. We act as a medium in linking the buyers and sellers to the scrap industry.


How Do We Recycle?

Before you sell any metal, this will be the first thing you will be concerned about. Not all dealers buy the same product. Before selling, you must ensure that the dealer shall accept all kinds of metal.

If you find a dealer that accepts all metals you will get the perfect price for your material and the scrap will be properly used. At LH Metal we accept all materials and make the best use out of them. These things make us the best Recycling company in Singapore.

We have a specific procedure and a highly professionalized team to perform the process of recycling metals. Once the metal is sorted, it is differentiated into various categories. Then, the metal undergoes various machinery and equipment.


What is Your Metal Worth?

After collecting the scrap material for sale, you need to ensure it’s worth it. Scrap metal prices are not static, it keep fluctuating as per the demand in the market. Every metal has a different value depending on its quality and properties.

We assure you to give you the most adequate prices for every product. Moreover, customer satisfaction is our priority. We also have multiple modes to transfer money, cheques, online transfers.


Why Should You Choose Us?

There are numerous factors that make us best among all the recyclers. Here is a list of certain parameters that make us one of the best metal scrap companies in the metal industry.


Our experience since July 2004 makes us the best choice for you. We have good knowledge of his industry. We are well established and the oldest traders in Singapore.

Bin Supply and Collection Services

We also provide the best scrap collection services in Singapore. Sometimes, it is not feasible for you to pick up the waste and bring it to us. We provide bin supplies at specific places where you can easily dispose of your scrap.

We also provide truck facilities in case you have heavy scrap material that cannot be lifted easily. We are just a phone call away.


More About Scrap Recycling

A Profitable Good

This business is a fruitful business as it does not decline with age. As metals have a capacity to recycle many times, this business has immense scope for the present and future. Also, it is the fastest means of generating income.

We keep a check on the market demands and provide the best value to each of our customers.

Worth When Sold in Bulk

Selling the scrap one by one consumes more time and energy. It is better to sell your scrap in bulk. If you have a particular kind of metal, you will get its more value when it is in bulk. You also save time looking for more metals to sell.


How To Get Metal Ready For Sale?

To get your metal ready for sale, it’s important to know your metal. You must clean the scrap if possible so that the extra dirt that carries more weight sheds off the metal. You can also separate the non-metallic particles like plastic and glass.

Make sure there is no fluid or oil left in them as they can prove harmful for the people dealing with it later.

Metal recycling is not as daunting a task as extracting ores from nature. It saves energy and is a human resource savior. You only need to choose the best dealers for your scrap metal in the city and nothing better suits you than the LH Metal.


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