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How to Recycle Metal Scrap And Its Importance
08 Dec

There are numerous uses of metals, one of which is being extensively used in the manufacturing of trucks, cars, airplanes, railways, and ships. We use metal to manufacture household items like crockery, cutlery, and packaging. The best part about metal is that it is recycled over and over without hampering its properties. 

Regardless of where the scrap metal comes from or how long it has been there. You are probably asking yourself, how to get rid of this? It is quite daunting when it comes to getting rid of scrap metal in Singapore, and LH Metal offers collection, trading, and recycling of metal scrap.

Today, aluminum and steel are the most common recycled metal. Other metals like copper and brass are valuable for recycling and thus are worth more money. 

How to Recycle Metal Scraps

The metal recycling process follows the following steps:


The collection of metal is the first and most necessary step for recycling, and it involves collecting all metal. You can do this by using containers made specially to assemble all types of metals. 

It also involves other steps like making sure that the metal does not contain any liquid or any other harmful substances. It also means that soda and beer cans should be empty, completely drained, and rinsed out. 


Once the metal is collected, now it is time to sort the metal. You must separate the metal-based on what can be recycled and what can not be recycled. Quality of the metal is also very essential. There are two types of metals, so you need to distinguish and sort the collected metal scrap into ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

The only way to identify the ferrous and non-ferrous metals is by using a magnet. The ferrous metals contain iron and have magnetic properties. They are also known for their strength as steel, carbon steel, and cast iron. 

However, non-ferrous metals are not magnetic and are more corrosion resistant. The metal surrounded by other materials like plastic is also worth recycling. You get better prices on bringing the sorted metal.


After sorting, the next step is to crush the metal scrap into small pieces, and the procedure is called processing. 

Different shredders are used for the different types of metals so that shredded metal does not get mixed. It is required to ensure the quality of products made from recycled metal. 

Metal scraps are processed, melted, and purified before creating a final product by solidifying. 

Contact Professional 

To sell and get the best prices on your metal scrap, you can contact us. LH Metal has a team of professionals in handling every kind of metal scrap. We serve our mother nature by recycling the metal scrap in the best possible way.

Why Is Recycling Metal Scrap So Important

Metal recycling uses less energy than metal production. Recycling metals has several benefits, and to know it in-depth, keep reading the below-listed points: 

Preserve Natural Resources

We have limited metals, and mining reduces the resources that are left. If we start recycling metals, it can slow down the process. With the recycling of existing metals, we can meet the demand for the metals. You can recycle and reuse metals as many times as you can. 

The best part about metal recycling is that it can use a lot less energy than producing the new ore. So, it allows us to conserve the resources.

Avoiding Toxic Leaks

Electronic waste will become one of the biggest problems if not processed in the right manner. You might be wondering what possible difference recycling a smartphone or laptop can make. 

The batteries present in the electronic devices contain harmful substances. Think about what would happen if all the toxic substance starts contaminating our soil and water sources. 

Conserving Energy 

The production or mining of new ore consumes a whole lot of energy. On the other hand, recycling metal uses a lesser amount of energy. The energy required in recycling is less than the energy used in the production of metal. 

According to the research, you can conserve power to light a 60-watt bulb for more than four hours by recycling a single aluminium can. The energy preserved can be utilized for other purposes. 

Best Use of Raw Materials

Metal has the property of getting recycled again and again without damaging its original properties. So, there’s no reason to create new metal except to meet the need for metal. You can reuse the metal as many times as you can without losing its original properties. 

Why You Should Choose LH Metal For Recycling Your Scrap Metal

LH Metal is the leading company for scrap metal recycling and trading in Singapore. We are actively dealing with the collection, trading, and recycling of metal scrap in Singapore. As a part of a growing industry, we are committed to environmental sustainability and reducing metal scrap waste through our recycling efforts. 

  • Our team is very professional and has complete knowledge about safety measures.
  • Utmost customer satisfaction is our priority. 
  • We leverage industry best practices that are eco-friendly and cost-effective
  • We are improving our services to meet the needs of our customers.

If you are looking for reliable and cost-effective scrap metal services in Singapore, give us a call at  (65) 9106 7577.


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