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How To Clean Junk from Your Backyard
26 Mar

Who has abundant time to tangle oneself in the junk present in your backyard? We all have already got much work to do. Scrap metal generally has the ability to pile up easily. If you have the ability to sort this scrap and keep a record of what’s coming in your backyard, it can rather prove a useful asset to you.


Even if you are confused and unable to make a choice, you have arrived at the right place. We are here to provide you with the best scrap metal collection services in Singapore. Scrap metal is a growing business and if you have the right knowledge it is an excellent bargain tool. 


Our motive is to collect, trade, and recycle all kinds of scrap metal. Moreover, we provide you with the best possible value for your product. Even if you have got little to a mountain of scrap we welcome you anytime, and we assure you to give the best value.


Steps Involved In Recycling Of Scrap Metal


The process of recycling metal involves various stages. Some are listed below-




Recycling begins with the collection of metals as it is the first step. We collect the scrap from various factories, backyards through specific scrap collecting trucks. We have also placed specific dustbins for metal scrap collection




Not all metals can be recycled. After the collection of metals, all the recycled metals are sorted from the non-recycled metals. We have to ensure the originality of the metal. If it has good quality only then it can be recycled or else it will cause harm to the environment. 




The metal after the process of sorting undergoes the next process of crushing. Here the sorted materials are crushed and converted into cubes for further recycling. This is mainly done for recycling industrial scrap or the metals which are obtained from vehicles.




The metal cubes are again shredded and converted into thin sheets and strips. They are shredded into thin and smaller sheets so that less energy is consumed while melting them. Moreover, the conversion into sheets or blocks depends on metal to metal.




The furnaces are heated to the required temperatures to melt the metal. Every metal has a different furnace design.




The purification of metal requires different stages like magnetic separation, electrolysis and even this depends on the nature of various metals. This process refines the metal from all the impurities and makes it suitable for use again.




This is mainly done for the shaping of the metal. The addition of chemicals is also done so that the metal also gains its density and properties. Soon after this process completes the purified and shaped metal is further sent to the factories for the process of recycling.


Metals That We Collect 


We collect all kinds of scrap from ferrous to non -ferrous. Different kinds of metals include-


  • Copper
  • Aluminium
  • Zinc
  • Nickle
  • Brass
  • Stainless steel
  • Cast Iron
  • Industrial Scrap


Safety Measures


Our Team takes all the safety measures and we ensure the safety of every member associated with us. Recycling metals is very strenuous work and the gases or fumes emitted by these are injurious to health. We ensure to wear a safety kit and follow all necessary measures while handling our work. 


Scrap Metal Management 


We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and perform our work with honesty. We aim towards environmental sustainability and less energy consumption. We ensure that we always have a place to put your scrap and make it easier for you to contact us at any time. 


Lh metal is here to provide our best possible services. We have expert workmen as our metal scrap collectors. Moreover, we are licensed and hold good experience in the metal scrap industry. 


If you have heaps of scrap wasting in your backyard and you wish to earn a handsome amount out of it, so don’t delay and contact us as soon as possible. This can be a fair chance to associate with us.


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