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Finding Treasures In Steel Scraping
09 Apr

Metal scrapping is doing wonders for people and the environment. There are a lot of benefits to metal scrapping. Steel is a useful metal that can be recycled multiple times and still does not lose its originality. Scrap steel can be converted from lower-value steel to higher-value steel by using appropriate metallurgy.

The process of Scrap steel recycling is a little complicated. Today the steel we produce can become tomorrow’s bridges, trains, cans, and a lot more. It can be utilized in numerous ways.

Recycling single steel can save a lot of energy. Our priority is to extract more quality steel from the steel scrap.


Recycling Of Steel

Can all steel be recycled? The answer is YES! We can recycle all kinds of steel may it be stainless steel, carbon steel, or any other kind of steel. Also, due to the recycling of metals less emission of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases takes place.

We ensure along with proper usage of scrap the environment is also taken care of. 

Steel has a high economic value. It has thousands of different compositions and construction is the largest sector for steel. Steel has a long life span. It can be molded and recycled more than 100 times and it still retains its qualities. 


Facts About Steel Recycling

  • Mining new metals require huge carbon footprints whereas the process of recycling gives us 73 percent of the metal required to process new products. 
  • Mining also leads to increased acidity of the soil and hence prevents plant growth.
  • Whenever the steel-made products are not dumped properly, they release nickel and chromium which are absorbed by the ground and lead to the killing of freshwater animals and plants. 
  • We ensure there is a proper scrap collection procedure and the wastes are disposed of at the right place. 
  • Also, recycled scrap steel lowers the cost of new steel products so that they can be easily available for the local people and therefore requires less energy. If the cost of extraction then the prices of the goods will also increase simultaneously.


How do we recycle steel?

There are multiple steps required in this process. We specialize in all fields from the collection to the trading of steel scrap. 



The collection of metals is an important task. If you are looking for any specialized services we can easily fit in. For disposing of your scrap, you don’t need to struggle much.

LH Metal one of the best recycling companies in Singapore, You can easily contact us at any time and we can come to your doorstep to collect steel scrap.

We have specific trucks, steel oil drums, and dustbins located at different places for scrap collection. Moreover, we have a specialized team for this purpose who perform their task with good precautions and a safety kit. 


Sorting Your Steel

We make sure that your steel isn’t a mixture of more and more metals. To clarify that we use magnets to distinguish between steel and other products. In this way, steel is separated from other metals

The distinguished products are further sent for other recycling procedures. The sorted items are then reprocessed and made reusable again. 


Delivering and Selling Of Products

Our team ensures that all our products are well managed and priced. We monitor the local as well as international markets so we offer you the best possible prices. 

We do our work with good equipment and honesty. We export our material to many regions. Our products are used extensively in many industries. 


Materials we Collect

  • Locks
  • Tongs
  • Hammers
  • Wrenches
  • Chain like fencing
  • Horseshoes
  • Steel wire
  • Door hinges
  • Safes
  • Car and Truck parts


Best Opportunities In Metal Recycling

Metal recycling is considered a profitable business opportunity. We provide you with more options to generate income. With our quality services, we can offer you what you are searching for. We have a wider perspective. 

We have many years of experience. We are certified metal dealers. We not only aim for the present but also for the future. Also, we ensure you provide the best possible value for your scrap metal. 

If you are in Singapore and have a lot of scrap steel to sell or are interested to buy, we at Lh metals provide you with the best possible services. Along with steel we also accept all the other metals. Feel free to contact us at any time.


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