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Where To Get Rid Of Scrap Waste
15 Jul

Do you have abundant scrap lying in your backyard, and you are willing to get rid of them? You might be searching for the best scrap metal dealers in Singapore. We are here for you with the most efficient ways to dispose of the trash.

Knowing how and when to dispose of your scrap waste can help you gain a lot of benefits. Scrap metal recycling can prove to be an efficient business for you and the environment in numerous aspects.

You can easily find access to the amount of waste with contractors, Manufacturing and industrial companies, and Utility service providers.


What To Do With Your Scrap?

As you know the best way to utilize your scrap is to recycle it. LH Metal is the right place to put some money back into your pocket. You can find yourself with scrap anywhere. We suggest some best ways to deal with the scrap.

Prepare Your Metal By Category

Whenever you are loaded with wastes or scrap, it is always better to distinguish different metals. This will help you save time and separate metals that can be recycled and not. This will also help you to get the perfect value for your scrap waste.

Plan Your Drop-off

You can always inform your dealer before you unload your scrap. You can make a call before coming so that they might know that you are coming. At LH Metal, we also provide you free pick-up services, in case you face any difficulty while loading the scrap.

We have also placed specific dustbins at various locations so transportation of scrap becomes easier. We also have big trucks to handle very heavy scrap materials. 

Let Professionals Take Over

Some metals are dangerous when they become old or are not much in use. They release certain toxic substances that are injurious for your health and the environment also. It is always a better idea to let the professionals take over.

We have years of experience in dealing with the same. Our team consists of efficient professionals who have been working in the metal industry for a long time. The process of recycling undergoes numerous steps that are performed with care.

Recycle It Via a Pickup Service

It is easier to hire a pickup service than to transport scrap on your own. Our transportation services can make it simple for you. We are only a call away from your doorstep. You can experience several benefits of hiring a pickup service as follows.

  • You don’t have to worry about driving the scrap to the yard on your own.
  • There is no need to take care if you can transport all the scrap in one trip, as professionals take care of these things on their own. 
  • It saves your time and even money to travel across that distance.
  • Also, if the metal is heavy it can be easily transported to the desired place.
  • You will receive your cash regardless of all the above-mentioned problems.

Our Fleet Trucks Can Handle Any Scrap Pickup

Our fleet trucks can help in safe removal, disposal, and recycling of scrap metal. Our trucks can handle site and factory cleanups.

Ethical Disposal

Our experienced team first separates the different metals. Different steps like sorting, processing take place. We aim at ensuring a green planet and making the best use out of the recycled materials. 

If you have unwanted metal waste at your place, factory or anywhere, you can freely contact us anytime. LH Metal will give you the right value for even a kilo or a ton. We believe in sustainable development and hence will prove the best for you.


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