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Top Reasons For Recycling Steel At LH Metal
27 Jan

The benefits of recycling steel are numerous, both environmentally and economically. Do you know steel is the most recycled scrap metal in the world? We use recycled steel every day, whether it’s the package your food came in or the utensils you use. So, you can already imagine the benefits of recycling steel are significant.

The biggest benefit of recycling steel is that it reduces the consumption, expenses, energy, and time to mine other valuable resources. Recycled steel saves 1 1/2 tons of iron ore, 1/2 a ton of coal, and 40 percent of the water.

What is Steel?

Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon that contains less than 2% carbon and 1% manganese. Steel also has small amounts of silicon, phosphorus, sulfur, and oxygen. This metal is the world’s most important engineering and construction element.

The best part is it can be used in every aspect of our lives, like washing machines, refrigerators, kitchen appliances, and lots more.

You can recycle steel over and over again without losing its innate strength. Steel also retains its natural qualities no matter how many times it is recycled. You can use recycled steel from manufacturing to the car without the quality being compromised.

Recycled ferrous scrap is recovered from cars, steel structures, farm equipment, railroad, and tracks. However, prompt scrap is generated from industrial and manufacturing sources.

Can All Steel Be Recycled?

Fun Fact: Rusty metal can be recycled too, so don’t be afraid to bring your old iron and steel scrap to us.

Recycled stainless steel includes alloys and carbon steel. With an alloy, you can combine the structure of multiple metals for different purposes. It makes the steel harder to bend and withstand higher temperatures. Whereas, carbon steel is used to prevent a smaller, thinner metal item from snapping under pressure.

Where To Find Steel?

As you know, steel is the most recycled metal along with aluminum, and we have dozen of steel lying around us for example:

  • Ratchets
  • Steel Cables
  • Steel Wires
  • Car and Truck Part
  • Outdoor Box Fans
  • Door Hinges
  • Dolly Cart
  • Lock and Padlock
  • Thimbles

Steel is a hard metal that is excellent to deal with any situation. It can also handle significant heat or protect things and hold them together. Because of that, we tend to find them more in businesses and contractor services.

No matter where you find it, Steel items and equipment can rust and break, and eventually, we have to throw them out. Rather than throwing it away, it is always a better idea to sell your scrap steel to us and get the best possible scrap price.

Why You Should Use Recycled Steel

Using recycled steel has numerous benefits for both you and the environment. Here are some biggest advantages:

  • Eco-Friendly: You might don’t know recycled steel reduces the consumption of other valuable resources, and it reduces the energy used to mine them. Every ton of recycled steel will save approximately ½ tons of coal and 1.5 tons of iron ore.
  • Retains High-Quality: After the steel gets recycled, it doesn’t lose its strength and it can be used multiple times and still be built to last. Recycled steel retains its natural qualities, and it can be recycled and reused in nearly everything. Whether you’re using your recycled steel for construction or an ornamental touch, steel will never lose its property.
  • Recycled Easily: The best part about recycling steel is that it doesn’t have to be sorted by size or color when it is recycled.
  • Reduce Waste: it is always a better idea to recycle scrap metal rather than taking up space by sitting in a junkyard. When you utilize recycled steel, you need to ensure that you put it for the best use.

Steel Recycling At LH Metal

Steel can easily be recycled, unlike some other metals. Steel doesn’t have to be sorted by size or color when it will get recycled. So, when it comes to recycling steel, a little effort can go a long way.

If you have scrap steel in your junkyard, contact an experienced recycler like LH Metal. We are the leading recycling company in Singapore and we are focused on increasing the recyclable tonnage in the years ahead.

So no matter what kind of scrap metal you use, LH Metal is ready to assist you with your scrap metal needs.


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