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Best Tools LH Metal Use For Metal Scrapping
23 Apr

Scrap metal recycling is something we should do to protect our future and the environment. Metal scrapping undergoes a detailed process that requires efficient tools and equipment.


The tools required for metal scrapping are not always what you think. If you have the right set of tools, it can make the work much easier. Before scrap recycling, we follow a proper procedure with proper equipment. 


Let’s have a look at the essential equipment that makes our work simpler. 


Inspecting Scrap


The first step before starting with the process is to know the kind of metal we have. The best method to distinguish any scrap is by using a magnet. Ferrous metal sticks to the magnet while the non-ferrous metal does not possess any attraction towards the magnet.


A metal file is another helpful tool used to check the plating. Certain metals have a different coating outwards to protect the metal and the people from shocking or electrocuting. To protect the metal from inside, companies guard it with plastic, copper, or chrome.


By using the metal file, we grind the top layer of the metal. This helps us to get the right metal.


Basic Dismantling 


To separate old equipment from scrap, we use the best tools like a cordless drill, impact wrench, and a WD-40. It is difficult to recycle rusted scrap metal. A hand wrench might not suit enough to cut the metal rather an impact wrench is a better option.


An impact wrench has better torque than any individual person and also, it consumes less time. It gives much productivity as compared to the other equipment.


Alternative For Sledgehammer 


Sometimes, for metal scrapping, we need a sledgehammer for the processing of waste. A standard claw hammer is not a good option for the process as it tends to harm your hands or wrists. It has a small handle and a small head.


We use C – clamps, and pliers as they are a better fit than a claw hammer. Also, this helps to prevent the hands and wrists from hurting.


How to Deal With the Wires


One of the best tools we use with wires is wire strippers. We use the best wire cutters to break down the large wires into smaller ones.


Moving Bulk Scrap


Scrap metal can be found at various places, complexes, backyards, and many other places. We don’t get larger metals or machines each time. There are multiple small pieces also.


To gather these small pieces of scrap metal, a five bucket gallon is the most efficient tool for us. It has numerous benefits. It is cheap and easily available. It lasts longer and there is no fear of its fall out while we work. 


Hand Trucks and Winches


Moreover, there are certain heavyweight scrap machines that can’t be easily lifted. We have another alternative for such problems. We have a hand truck or a portable winch. The products that can’t be lifted are put into the truck with these helpful tools.


The material is later broken down in it only. We only need to ensure if the truck can lift up that amount of material. 


Breaking of Large Scrap


Breaking of huge scrap shall be done cautiously. We ensure the safety of our team and use a protective tool for this work. Instead of using a sledgehammer again, we use a cordless Sawzall and a crowbar. 


Any industrial vehicle cannot haul off such a huge amount of scrap like LH Metals. After the breakdown of the scrap with these tools, the materials are further recycled. Along with the recycling process, we also ensure the safety of our team and the environment.


If you are in Singapore and you are looking for an efficient scrap dealing or scrap metal recycling company, there is no better suit than LH Metals. We use environmentally friendly tools and also that are safe for humans. Moreover, they are less strenuous and also save more time and energy.


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