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Everything That You Need To Know About Electronic Waste
05 Mar

Electronic waste is generated from broken or discarded electronic pieces of equipment. It generally comprises industrial machinery and equipment. E-waste is very harmful due to the dangerous toxic chemicals present in the metals used in them.


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Here Is A List Of Some Common E-waste Items

  • Home Entertainment Devices
  • Smartphones
  • Televisions
  • Massage Chairs
  • Heating Pads
  • Lamps
  • WiFi Dongles
  • Dialysis Machines
  • Autoclave and many more



Various Stages Involved In E-Waste Recycling


Collection and Transportation

Specific bins are located at different places for the electronic garbage collection. Later, when those bins get filled, they are transported to the e-waste plants and then to the metal waste dealers.


Sorting and Dust Extraction

The next step requires the differentiation of broken particles. Large particles are broken into tiny ones and sorted manually. Further, the waste is spread on a conveyor belt by the process of shaking. This process is done in an environment-friendly manner so that the environment is not harmed.


Magnetic Separation

Huge magnets are placed over the extracted material to separate iron and steel from other wastes. This is specially done in the case of plastics. The process can be done manually as well as mechanically.


Purification of Waste

This process is performed to extract the remains of plastic from the metal and purify the wastes.


Recycle materials for sale

After all these stages, the final step occurs. The raw material is produced for sale. Essential parts are taken from the wastes and embedded into the new gadgets.


Benefits of E-waste Recycling

World Health Organization (WHO) considers E-waste one of the major threats to our health and environment. Especially the toxins released from those metals are fatal for our life.


Conservation of Natural Resources

Due to the recycling of E-wastes, some of the essential elements can be drawn from them and used as raw materials for the manufacturing of new products. In this way, there would be less requirement to extract more elements from nature and hence protect resources for the future generation.


Precedence to Environment

Following the measures of E-waste management, the environment would stay protected as it would provide resistance from chemicals like mercury, cadmium, lead, and many other harmful chemicals.


Increase in  Employment

E-waste recycling provides a new market for reselling electronic waste due to which more buyers will get attracted towards it. This would gradually increase the job opportunity and set up as a source of income for the people.


Lessen Unnecessary digging of Landfills

To decompose electronic wastes, unnecessary landfills are dug that do not help in decomposition rather affect the environment and lead us to much higher risks. E-waste management would help in reducing such hazards.



E-waste management can help the environment and nation in many forms. LH metals accept any kind of metal wastes available to you. Moreover, it is one of the best metal scrap trading company in Singapore.  


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