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How To Prepare Scrap Metal For Recycling Yard
18 Aug

Recycling metal has been proved wondrous to our environment, reducing pollution and maintaining ecological balance. However, it would be best to prepare the metal waste before sending it to the recycling yard. Sorting the scrap increases the value of metal waste. 

LH Metal being the leading scrap metal recycling company in Singapore, provides you the best solutions.


Helpful Tips To Prepare Your Metal Waste For Recycling Yard


Metal trash is one of the most valuable materials you can recycle, from appliances to batteries to cans to clothes hangers; metal is everywhere in our homes. Recycling metal helps you make money out of the trash. Learn more about the tips to consider before sending the scrap to any recycling yard.


Make Your Safety A Priority


safety gloves & shoes

Dealing with scrap metal is not an easy process. Scraps come from machines, abandoned projects, or construction sites and have rusty or unfinished edges. Therefore, making it unsafe to deal with them.

Before collecting the metal waste, safety should be your utmost priority. Wear safety gloves, shoes, gloves, and protective clothing. Moving heavy metals can prove fatal for you. If you get hurt from a piece of scrap metal, make sure to aid it first.


Get The Right Equipment


Ensure to have the right equipment while dealing with the scrap. You should possess equipment like a metal cutter, eyewear, and a magnet. This equipment is required before you begin the sorting method. If you sort your metal beforehand, it will help you get better prices as it lowers the work of the dealers.


A Metal File Will Reveal The True Colour


To judge the value of the metal, you can use a metal file that reveals the color of the metal. Sometimes, it might not be easy to know the actual color of the metal. A metal file lets you see the color of the metal.

By using it, the coated metals reveal their true identity. It also helps you to know the kinds of metals that you possess in your yard. You can bid for the best possible price for your scrap.




Make sure the scrap yard you choose is not far; transporting heavy scrap over a long distance on your own is a risky task. A scrap metal dealing company will always provide you with transportation facilities.

They have facilities for pickups and also have placed specific dustbins at various locations. Find a recycling yard that provides you with these services, and it is flexible to contact them any time. 


Do Your Research


Not all metals have a similar price. Some metals are more expensive than others. You can perform research on the different metal types and examine their values. 

If you sell the metal waste in large amounts, you will profit more than trading it in parts. LH Metal is the best scrap metal dealer in Singapore; it serves you the best fit. 


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