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Make Some Extra Money By Selling Your Scrap
29 Jul

Metal recycling is a popular business and it has benefited the environment and mankind to great extent. If you have abundant scrap and you are looking forward to selling your scrap, you have come to the right place. 


Though recycling metal is a good source of income, sometimes people bring a bucket full of scrap and earn the least amount from it. LH Metal offers you the best price for your scrap. Here are some things to remember that will help you to make some extra money by selling your scrap.


How To Get Extra Money By Scrapping Metal


Check the following ways to earn extra money by scrapping metal


Where To Find Scrap Metal?


The best place to look for scrap is at your home. There are various places at your home where you can find abundant scrap metal. Some common things used in scraping are old parts of vehicles, old machinery, batteries, appliances, and many other household things. 


Most of the kitchen scrap, bedroom, and living spaces such as old television lamps, AC’s can be used as scrap. Also, most of the furniture and electronic wires are used as scrap. You can easily get a lot of scrap at your house rather than looking somewhere else at first.


Where To Scrap Metal?


It is always better to give your scrap to a trusted metal buyer who values your material and provides you with the best possible value for it. Also, it should be dealt with good care and precautions.


Our team at LH Metal is highly professional and takes full precautions while dealing with it. We have a separate team that keeps a record of the same. 


Sort Your Metal


Sorting your scrap is an important step to get a fair price for the product. Your price depends on how clean your metal is. By cleaning the metal you will get the best possible price for it. If you sell unclean and mixed scrap you are offered less price for the product.


Sometimes some expensive and rare metals also get mixed in the bulk scrap and you do not tend to get the right value of it. We always suggest cleaning the scrap before reaching out to us.


Pick Up Costs


The cost of picking up the scrap from a yard and delivering it to another will lower your profit and sometimes it’s not even safe to carry the waste on your own. There are certain machines that are very heavy in transport.


We provide you free delivery and pick-up services due to which your time and money will be saved. We have also allotted dustbins at separate places so that you don’t need to travel long distances for the same.


Scrap Non-Ferrous Metals 


Ferrous and non-ferrous metals will fetch you a good amount of money but non-ferrous metals are a little hard to find. They will reward you with more money while the ferrous metals are easy to find and can be found anywhere.


The main non-ferrous metals are aluminum, copper, and brass. These metals can be found in the structure of houses and buildings. We at LH Metals accept all kinds of metals running from ferrous to non-ferrous. 


Finding Free Scrap Metal


As the metals have this marvelous quality of not losing their properties even after repeated recycling. You can collect scrap from various markets and construction sites for free, It can be best used when recycled. You can simply look for free stuff but you need to carry a vehicle along with you.

If you are eager, to begin with, the scrap business or you are searching for a best scrap metal dealer in Singapore, LH Metal is only a doorstep ahead, You can freely contact us any time.


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