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How Scrap Metal Recycling Saves Money
07 Jan

The scrap metal recycling industry is growing fast. It also accounts for billions of economic activities in Singapore and employs thousands of people. 

LH Metal has always maintained a strong environmental focus by keeping these metals out of landfills. As you know, metal is one of the many materials that we use daily, from traveling by train downtown to driving in a car; we use metal more than we think. 

You might have scrap metal at your house, construction sites, machine shop, or demolition project. Taking your scrap metal to LH Metal will upgrade your finances and save the environment.  

Economical benefits have tremendously increased by recycling metal. If more individuals and business owners learned how recycling metal scrap saves money, our recycling rates for metal scrap would increase. 

How Recycling Metal Scrap Saves Money

The recycling companies in Singapore have continued to grow because of the high demand among manufacturers for metal. For example, steel is one of the most recycled raw materials in the world. Due to this reason, steel is being exported to more than 80 countries across the globe. 

Metal waste is valuable, as it can be recycled multiple times and can be re-melted and reshaped into new products. It also prevents investing money in the high-cost mining for virgin ore to make new metal. 

The high demand for recycled items are:

  • Old vehicles 
  • Steel debris 
  • Electrical Appliances
  • Farm equipment 

The bottom line is that the manufacturing process benefits from the recycled materials. 

How Does Recycling Save Money For Consumers?

The importance of recycling is to reduce the cost of the manufacturing process. Without the recycling process, the manufacturing process of products would be much more expensive. Recycling metal eliminates the need for new materials, which allows us to conserve more raw materials. 

  • You don’t make money from recycling aluminum cans or plastic bottles, but you do get significant energy savings. 
  • There are clear cost benefits for recycling aluminum as it will save the amount of energy required in making a new product from scratch. 
  • The price of aluminum would be higher if people didn’t recycle it, and the same goes for iron, copper, and other metals. 

Many manufacturers purchase recycled materials to create a wide variety of products. Some examples of recycled materials are:

  • Plastics 
  • Soft drinks cans 
  • Aluminum 
  • Steel cans 
  • Paper bags

How Recycling Metal Waste Saves Your Business Money?

An active recycling program at your workplace will reduce the negative impact on the environment and will help save you money. Recycling your scrap metal will help you to save money. How?

  • It helps reduce your disposal cost
  • Lowering the cost of hauling trash to disposal sites 
  • Reduce the number of times your trash needs to pick up
  • You can sell some waste and make money 
  • Lower down the need to buy new material 
  • Promote buying environment-friendly materials

Have you decided to recycle your scrap metal? LH Metal will make recycling easy for your business through on-site pickup. We operate a fleet of trucks for pickups and offer businesses the most cost-effective recycling solution. 

Our smart, economical idea for businesses will help you to establish a recycling program for any metal waste at your office. 

Save Money With LH Metal 

The people in Singapore discard seven and a half pounds of garbage every day, and this garbage goes mostly to landfills. As the landfills continue to grow, it negatively impacts our environment. 

If we start taking metal waste to the recycling sites, less garbage will wind up in our landfills. By recycling papers, glass, plastics, and metals, we can save their production and energy costs. We can also reduce the negative impact that extraction and processing of virgin materials have on the environment. 

Recycling is good for the environment, our community, and our economy. At LH Metal, we buy, process, and sell all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap. Being one of the best scrap metal recycling companies in Singapore, we understand that doing so will help make the environment sustainable.


Manufacturers, consumers, and government agencies can help save money by recycling scrap metal. Once we collect the scrap metal, it gets cleaned, processed, and used in manufacturing or sold just like raw material. 

You can do your part by bringing the metal waste to an experienced firm like LH Metal. We process and recycle all the precious metals and transform them into new products.


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