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Ferrous Metal Scrap Dealers In Singapore
02 Jul

Can you turn anything you touch into Gold? But believe it or not, LH Metal can do this for you. You must have heard of scrap metal recycling before. You can experience multiple benefits after indulging in the business. It is eco-friendly and economically productive.

You only need to sell your scrap metal to us, and you can convert your junk into cash anytime. To begin with recycling, LH Metal with all kinds of scraps and mainly ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


Ferrous Scrap That We Deal With

We have a professional team that has experience in dealing with different kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap. Here is a list of ferrous metal scrap that we possess.


Air Ducts

Most of the ducts are composed of aluminum and steel. These metals are much in demand and are easily recycled. Along with this, these metals are valuable also. Recycling ducts promotes a healthy environment and reduces carbon outsprinting up to a great extent.

How would you know if your duct has to be recycled? You need to ensure if you can hear any weird noises like rattling or whistling. Also, look for dents, breaks, or scratches in the metal.


Anchor Chain

Anchor chains are heavy metal chains that consist of dangerous chemicals. If these chains are not disposed of properly after they are not in use, they leave a devastating impact on the environment. 

To get rid of scrap, we provide you with pick-up and transport facilities so that the scrap metal is collected with precautions and is used and disposed of in the right way without affecting the environment. 


Construction Scrap

Construction and Industrial scrap is the most found scrap material. You can find it at any construction site. After every construction site, a lot of waste gets assembled that can be of great use. It is recyclable and easily accessible. 

It mainly consists of broken tools, glass, iron rods, and various other metals. Rather than throwing them away, you can collect them and sell us. We will give you the best price possible for your material. 


H- Beam

These are ideal to use in the construction of bridges, machine bases, and other platforms. 

These are at various construction sites. As we have a specialized team of members, we take care of the collection and transportation services. This material can be used and recycled numerous times.


Steel Pipes

These are another set of tools that can be reused and recycled. We purchase all diameters, lengths, and quantities of pipes. 

They require good handling, or else they can harm people dealing with it. Along with recycling, we also take care of the environment and the proper disposal of wastes.


Heavy Metal Scraps

Recycling heavy metal scraps reduce the excessive mining of landfills and also helps in the reduction of pollution. It helps to preserve natural resources. These can are at complexes, construction sites, industries, and many more places. 

If you are staying in Singapore, you want to get rid of the excessive scrap in your backyard. One of the leading scrap metal dealers in Singapore is only a click away from your destination. 


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