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Demolition Waste –  Safety Tips And Benefits
18 Dec

Metal scrap gets quickly piled up on construction and demolition sites. Generally, waste is heterogeneous mixtures of wood, paper, concrete, metal, and glass covered with paint, adhesive, insulation, and dirt. A lot of material in this waste can be recycled and put into use again. We put our efforts into recycling metal scrap, thus making mother nature a better place to live. 

Some metals are recyclable and reusable – steel, copper, iron, and aluminum are a few of the most recycled metals. We also offer demolition services, and you can reach us for a demolition project in Singapore. Moreover, separating these materials and selling them to the scrapyard for recycling helps in reducing waste.

Necessary Safety Measures/Tips For Any Demolition Project 

While dealing with the demolition project, we follow all the necessary safety measures for our workers. To know further in detail, do read the below-mentioned points.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 

We use five PPE kits for the workers who deal with the demolition project. It includes Hard Hat, High-Visibility Vest or Jacket, Safety Gloves, Steel-Toe, and Safety Glasses. Depending on the project, our workers wear all the protective gear to reduce the risks of injury. 

LH Metal uses a PPE kit with HSE regulations and supplies imperative with specialized PPE outside of the 5-part like face and welding masks, overalls, and lots more. 

Knowledge Of Equipment 

We train our employees in all aspects of work as it reduces the risk of injury. We make sure that every employee understands which equipment to use throughout the demolition process. Our employees have complete knowledge and understanding of using each piece of equipment properly. 

Final Sweep 

Before demolition begins, we always go for a final sweep and check into every room. We examine all the closets, bathrooms, and hallways to ensure that everyone is out of the building. Our workers stay out of the building and at a safe distance before any demolition begins. 

Once the final sweep is over, our employee informs the on-site manager to begin the demolition smoothly.

Experienced And Trained Employees 

For demolition, we only hire trained and experienced employees who can handle dangerous and explosive materials. We hire employees who are qualified, professional, mature, and experienced to control explosives. 

By training our employees properly, it enables us to prevent accidents on the demolition sites.

Cleaning Up Debris

Once the demolition is over, we ensure that all our workers have the proper tools to clean up all the debris. Some major equipment includes gloves, masks, and work boots. 

We ensure that only authorized employees are present during the cleanup and demolition. 

Benefits of Demolition

After the building gets demolished, a heap of rubble dust is rising through the air. On demolishing a building, people see a lot of dust with rubble rising through the air around. But, we see recovering construction and demolition materials has more benefits than drawbacks.

Here are some benefits of demolishing old buildings that might help you to understand. Check out the below points:

Environmental Benefits 

Conservation of landfill space and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions are the two environmental benefits. 

According to the research, over 4,000 acres are saved annually through the mixed constructions and demolition materials. Demolition reclamation can act to decrease greenhouse emissions as the scrap metals get recycled into new materials. We recover materials that are used for fuel sources, taking the place of burning fossil fuels. 

When it comes to saving energy, we can save up to 500 trillion BTUs equivalent to 85 million barrels of oil saved from recycling. With our recycling process, we avoid the extraction and processing of raw materials that can damage the environment. 

Economic Benefits

The recycling industry needs more employees compared to landfill disposal in Singapore. According to the research, the recycling industry in Singapore can support over 18,000 jobs. 

We can proudly say that we stand with our worker’s families in every possible way.

Public Relations Benefits

First, we help the community, contractors, and building owners to know the policies such as recycling goals and waste disposal.  Second, we enhance the public image of the company or organization that reduces disposal. 

Contact LH Metal today for more information about the demolition services. We can help you with your demolition projects in the best possible ways. Together we can be part of building a better future.


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