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Why Aluminium Is Worth Recycling
26 Nov

According to the industry statistics, aluminium recycling has more than doubled in volume in the recent half-century. Nowadays, global recycling is at a very high level, and businesses have found the economy worthwhile. 


When it comes to those aluminium beverage cans that we regularly consume, recycle, and remanufacture into new cans, we can protect the environment. It will also reduce the landfills and minimize the need for new aluminium. If you want to recycle scrap aluminium, you can contact a reliable, professional scrap metal yard in Singapore


The Process Of Recycling Aluminium 


This metal does not degrade in composition throughout the recycling process. Just like any other metal, the physical properties of aluminium are not altered when it’s melted. When aluminium gets recycled, it needs minimal energy compared to manufacturing new aluminium. 


This metal is unique as it can be recycled many times without losing any of its material properties. In fact, processing technology is getting advanced dramatically over the years, and it is more economically sound from beginning to end. 


Check out the below points to understand why you should recycle aluminium


More Sustainable To Landfills 


Recycling scrap aluminium can get reused instead of filling it in the landfill. Remanufacturing aluminium products from waste materials reduces the need for raw material dramatically. In other words, you don’t need to mine and process virgin ore. 


The good news is that recycled aluminium products are being used universally, whether its computers, automobiles, aircraft, or cookware, all types of food and beverage products can be recycled. 


As a matter of fact, scrap aluminium is the most recyclable metal in the world. 


Recycling Aluminium Is Cost-Effective


Recycling aluminium is also cost-effective for industrial processes, and it’s a win-win situation for consumers and the environment. The recycling process uses only 98% less energy than producing new aluminium from mined resources. By recycling aluminium, greenhouse gas emissions have also been reduced during the recycling process. 


As a matter of fact, recycling one tonne of aluminium saves many tonnes of CO2 emissions. These metals are collected and recycled and could be back on the store shelf in less than 90 days. 


Value Of Recycling Aluminium 

We use aluminium products in our everyday life; it is used in countless products and applications in modern life. It is the reason recycling has become an important part of our life and so relevant. 


In fact, the price of scrap metal can fluctuate, so it is not common for tons of aluminium to generate over $2,00,00. With the scrap metal pickup, the entire process has become easier. 

Most Recycled Metal


As mentioned above, this metal is the most recycled metal in the world, and around 85% of the aluminium is produced in Singapore. One of the best things about aluminium is that it can be recycled over and over again without losing its property. 


Unlike any other recyclable metals, this metal pays for the industrial waste process as the demand and price of waste aluminium increase. 


Economic Presence

Aluminium recycling creates both environmental and economic benefits, and it is not enough waste aluminium material being recycled worldwide. It is a part of the extraordinary level of residential and commercial waste worldwide. 


When the aluminium is not getting recycled, new aluminium products are being produced from new ore. It creates environmental issues like air and water pollution, disturbing our wildlife habitats. 


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