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Safety Advice Tips For Scrappers To Minimize Scrapyard Accidents
31 Aug

Metal recycling is valuable since it reduces waste, pollution, and costs. However, obtaining scrap metal can take time and requires extra caution, just like any other work.


If you don’t pay attention while collecting, especially if you’re new to scrap collecting, you might make a few costly mistakes. Therefore, you must empower yourself with the appropriate knowledge to make the most out of your junk business. Here are some suggestions for collecting scrap metal.


List of Common Accidents from Stainless Steel Scrap Metal Singapore that can occur during Handling of Scrap Metal. 


These accidents can happen while performing any number of duties that a scrap metal worker is expected to do and can range in severity from minor to severe, even lethal.

Injuries may include:


  • Musculoskeletal discomfort brought on by bad posture, a lot of heavy lifting, and using large gear
  • Cuts, bruises, fractures, and burns
  • Eye, throat, and lung irritation
  • Foreign object impalement
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Crush injuries
  • Limb loss and traumatic amputation
  • Slips and falls
  • Motor vehicle accidents


Safety Tips From Stainless Steel Scrap Metal Singapore Company: A Scrapper And Employee Of The Scrapyard Should Follow To Avoid Serious Accidents.  


  • Safety Guide for Scrappers 


One can never predict what you will encounter on a daily basis as a scrapper; it’s an exciting and diverse job. But sadly, this line of work also has the potential for danger. Metal can be sharp, heavy, and in the case of lead, even dangerous; therefore, metal recyclers must be very careful while handling various materials.


Don’t forget to carry a magnet:- 


Since metals have various properties, it’s essential to know how to distinguish them when collecting. Ferrous and non-ferrous types of metals are the two main groups. Iron is present in ferrous varieties, which are more affordable than the other category. Steel, steel alloys, and stainless steel are examples of the category.


Conversely, iron is absent from non-ferrous metals. They contain titanium, aluminum, zinc, tin, lead, tungsten, copper, and lead. You should lean more toward them because they sell for more money. The finest device to distinguish between these two sorts is a magnet.


Non-ferrous metals won’t adhere to the magnet, but ferrous metals are magnetic. This information protects you from delivering a truck full of metals to a recycling business only to receive a lower payment since you gathered less valuable ones.


Understanding Metal Grading:- 


Whether the metal is ferrous or non-ferrous, its value is determined by its grading system. Additionally, each metal is graded separately. For instance, the impurity levels of the various classes of copper and steel determine how they differ. Pure metal scraps that are simple to recycle have a high value. Anyone who participates in gathering scrap metal needs to know about metal grading.


Remain in your vehicle until unloading scrap:- 


Stainless Steel Scrap Metal Singapore Company advises. If you are bringing non-ferrous or ferrous scrap, proceed directly to where unloading occurs. There should never be anyone outside the vehicle unless they are actively unloading items. Passengers, especially little children, shouldn’t be allowed to leave the car or venture outside the checkout area.


You shouldn’t use a phone:- 


According to Stainless Steel Scrap Metal Singapore Company. 


Pay attentive attention to your surroundings, to avoid numerous  hazards. It’s unpleasant to walk through a bustling scrap yard while looking at your phone, listening to headphones, or talking on the phone.


  • Safety Guide for Scrapyard Employees


Make sure to ask employees to wash any chemical residue off of their skin thoroughly:- 


When abundant scrap metal and hazardous materials are typically found (old cars, abandoned factories, dilapidated sheds, etc.), wearing protective clothing is the first line of defense against these harmful chemicals. Still, it’s also essential to make sure they thoroughly wash your hands, arms, and any other exposed flesh after collecting the trash to get rid of any residue. If you are hurt or irritated after coming into contact with chemicals while collecting scrap, get emergency medical help.

Ask employees to wear the necessary safety gear:- 


It’s crucial to protect yourself with clothes that protect your skin, work boots, goggles, and thick gloves because old and rusted metal can be a harmful substance in and of itself. Additionally, it becomes sensible to confirm that you are current on your tetanus vaccinations, as puncture wounds from metal are one of the most prevalent causes of this ailment, and treatment is more complicated than prevention.


Crane Handling:- 


Stainless Steel Scrap Metal Singapore Company insists that Cranes should only be operated by skilled personnel. The crane Operators or handlers need to be aware of both the crane’s rated capacity and the weight of the cargo they will be lifting. 


The following safe work procedures are necessary to undertake:- 


  • Slings, fittings, and other tools that can support the load on the crane hook should be used to secure loads to the hook.


  • Before and during usage, check the condition of the slings, and take out any broken or defective ones immediately.


  • Protect slings by padding sharp edges.


  • While loads are being raised, stay away from them.


  • Avoid sudden acceleration and slowdown of the crane when transferring hanging loads.

Safety Training for Employees:- 


Employees should receive official training on identifying and preventing risks when handling scrap metal. According to Stainless Steel Scrap Metal Singapore Company, the following
elements ought to be highlighted in training:


  • Risks associated with improper lifting instruction avoiding needless physical effort and stress


  • Knowing how much a worker may exert themselves without feeling overly stressed


  • Proper equipment usage


  • Using PPE


  • Understanding potential risks and knowing how to avoid or fix them


Stainless Steel Scrap Metal Singapore Company advises that employees should let the material’s weight, size, and shape govern the type of equipment utilized when mechanically moving materials to prevent overloading gear. Each piece of material handling equipment has rated capacities that specify the maximum weight it can support as well as the usage scenarios that are safe for it.


Safety is the ultimate priority of the facility !!


With all this, you can easily maintain safety at the scrapyard. Also, The metal waste lineup at your premises can put your family’s safety, workers’ safety, and company property’s safety in danger. So, the first thing you should always consider doing to prevent serious accidents is to contact Scrap Metal Companies in Singapore like LH Metal. These facilities have specialized equipment to deal with scrap metal. Their expert team makes Scrap Metal Collection Services in Singapore a responsible and effective task thanks to their years of practical experience in the industry. Every piece of scrap steel they purchase is correctly weighed at their facilities, ensuring that our customers always receive the correct scrap price. Therefore, if you have a lot of scrap metal that can be recycled or disposed of, reach out to our experts and receive fair scrap metal prices Singapore so we can set up a collection from your location.

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