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How To Make More Money By Selling Scrap Metal
14 Oct

Recycling metal is an amazing way to make extra money and a great initiative towards saving the environment. However, many people are coming forward to recycling their scrap metals and earning reasonable amounts of money. 


If you want to make money by selling scrap metal, you need to have a proper strategy. Having a good scrap metal buyer in Singapore as a partner will ease all your worries. The right scrapyard knows the best way to collect, separate, and prepare all your scrap metal. Scrap metal companies have the right experience to deal with any kind of scrap metal. 


Tips To Make Money By Selling Scrap Metal


Here are some tips to make more money by selling scrap metal 


Separate Your Scrap Metal

Separating scrap metals makes more money. It might take time, but separating copper, brass, and aluminium is worthwhile when it comes to dollars per pound. 

You need to have an idea about which metal is a ferrous metal and non-ferrous. With the correct method and knowledge, it would be easier to separate all the scrap metals. 

A well-organized plan helps you to earn more money.  


Collecting Ferrous/Non-Ferrous Metals

A good quality magnet is all you need to separate metal. A magnet will identify whether you have a ferrous or non-ferrous metal. How? If the magnet sticks on the metal, the metal goes into the ferrous pile, and if the metal doesn’t stock, it goes into the non-ferrous pile. 


Collecting ferrous and non-ferrous metal is relatively easy once you know how to do it. 


Taking Apart Electronics/Machinery 

If you are delivering an entire air conditioning unit to any scrap yard, you might get less money than taking it apart for the components. Separating metal, parts, and motors generates more money. It also goes to the insulated cables and copper wires., so you can get more money per pound. 


Can You Make Good Money Selling Scrap

Dealing with the volume of scrap metals gives you a better return on investment. If you take time and effort by separating and preparing the metals, it makes better business sense. 

It will provide you with more negotiating power at the scrap yard and put you as a reliable scrap provider. 

When you deal with large volumes of scrap, the time and effort you invest in separating and preparing the metal give you a better business sense. The only thing that matters is which metals to collect when prices are high and which ones to avoid when demand is low. So, partnering with a reliable scrap yard is quite valuable. 


Can You Scrap Rusty Metal

With scrap metal recycling, the condition of your scrap metal is limited in determining its value. If the material is being tarnished or contaminated, your scrap metal yard will reject your entire load. 

Rusted scrap metal could be an issue, whether you’re collecting metal furniture, car parts. However, rust only occurs in those that contain iron, like steel, as it is the primary metal in manufacturing. It is contained on many products around the home, including outdoor furniture, automobile parts, even nails, and screws.

Some rusted metals generate less cash than clean, undamaged metals. So, if you’re making maximum money by selling scrap metal, make sure that you prefer pure materials. 


With LH Metal, You Can Make Money Selling Scrap Metals 

At LH Metal, we know about the recycling process-we understand what the market needs and know the ins and outs. We specialize in non-ferrous and ferrous metal, so if you’re keen to make money selling scrap metal, call us at +65 9106 7577

Whether you’re collecting brass, aluminium, copper, and more, we help you to make money selling scrap metal. We provide our customers with valuable advice on what metals are in demand and provide you with the right price.

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