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What Are The Common Metals That Are Used In Construction Industry
21 Jan

When you are working in the construction industry, it is impossible to overlook scrap metal. It is one of the most important factors to consider when you are not using leftover scrap metals in your way. There are tons of smart contractors and construction workers that realize the value of selling scrap metal in Singapore and getting additional income. 


LH Metal has compiled a handy guide of the most commonly used construction industry scrap metals that are found in construction sites. It would help you to keep an eye out for valuable scrap. 


Some Common Scrap Metal Used In Construction Industry


Keep reading to learn how to turn your waste materials into cash. Check out below 


Ferrous Metal Like Carbon Steel 


Carbon steel is one of the most valuable sources of scrap, and it is one of the readily available metals available right now. This metal is found in framework beams, com plates, rebar, rectangular tubing, and rebar. However, carbon steel holds a low value which is around 15-20 per pound; you can quickly offset that with the volume of scrap metal. 


Aluminum: The price of aluminum is not as high as other metals, which is somewhere between 30 cents per pound. Aluminum is prevalent enough you should be able to stockpile it; you can also expect to find it in the window or door frames, wiring, HVAC ducts, roofing, handles. 


Copper Tubing: Copper tubing is highly resistant to corrosion, and this metal is prized in the plumbing industry. Suppose you have additional or spare pipes lying around in your construction sites. One of the more valuable sources of scrap copper is that it goes over 3.5 dollars per pound. 


Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is one of the most common building materials that are used in urban areas. Why? Stainless steel is very strong, durable, and reliable, which is perfect for any construction. One of the best things about stainless steel is that it can be used in frameworks, roofing, and handrails. This metal is generally worth a dollar; however, it completely depends on the cleanliness of the scrap metals. 


What To Do With Your Scrap Metals In Construction Sites 


Now you know what metals you need to look for, but what to do after getting these scrap metal? If you are planning to sell your scrap metal, then there are a few things that you need to streamline the process and maximize the profit. 


First, start with sorting your scrap metal. By keeping your metal together, the value does not get decreased by less desirable metals. You need to make sure that scrap is clean, so removing all the wood paint and another material is a must. 


After the metals get separated, you should always get to know about the worth of your scrap metal. Try to know about the value of your metal prices that would help you to get an estimate. It would also help you to know whether your chosen scrapyard is giving you the best possible prices.

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